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“Excellent album of Michael Jessen, comprehensive loaded cane and very well played riffs, with beautiful melodies and
wonderful nuances worked for the fabulous voice of Göran Edman. We must follow closely in the future, it is certainly very promising … ”


“The album begins with “Broken Heart” (somewhat hackneyed title in the hard rock), which serves as a good 
of what you’ll encounter along the same: great melodies and guitars without falling into pomposity;
production and sound very organic and raw; and the conviction of facing a guy who, despite his youth, is
as a worthy successor of the late rocker Gary Moore sound.”


“Verdict time now and if there’s one thing you will always get from a Melodic Rock release, it’s consistent quality with excellent production and excellent melodies. “Memories” by Michael Jessen is one of those albums that is not only diverse in the styles of music used but it meets the criteria needed for a Melodic Rock release, including excellent melodies, excellent songwriting, clear quality allowing you to hear everything without compromise, and of course, an excellent vocal performance.
Looks like the Melodic Rock world just got some new competition in the form of Michael Jessen so be sure to keep your eyes on
this one, as this guy has now been added to my list of Melodic Rock artists I like.”

English:  http://www.metal-temple.com/site/catalogues/entry/reviews/cd_3/m_2/michael-jessen.htm

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